We can help you ensure your success and wealth will make a difference to those causes you are passionate about.

You want to put your energy, skills, resources and time into changing the world for the better. But effective philanthropy requires careful thought and planning. We can help with much of that process.

If you wish to start a philanthropic programme, or are already involved in one, several elements will be key to success. You will need to set clear objectives and decide on a strategy to meet these which will require expertise and knowledge about the causes you have chosen to support.

You will also need practical support and advice on the financial aspects including how you should structure your giving, and what are the legal, tax and financial implications of your philanthropy. This is one of several areas where we can advise you.

You will also need to consider how to invest the capital you have set aside for this programme so that it can fund the long-term income and capital spending requirements of your charitable projects.

Today, a growing number of clients are asking us to design and implement a bespoke investment policy for their charity, where the assets themselves are used in a way that directly supports their chosen causes. Known as “impact investing”, this is an area in which we have significant experience.

Case studies

Video: an interview with venture philanthropist John Stone

We speak to the founder of The Stone Family Foundation about his distinctive business-like approach to providing water and sanitation to communities in need.

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How we helped a family structure its charitable giving and involve the next generation

We helped our clients identify a suitable charitable giving vehicle and to fund it tax-efficiently. We now manage their charitable assets in line with a mandate encompassing both financial and sustainability objectives. We also helped to involve the next generation more formally in the family’s charitable giving.

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How we helped a family office manage assets for a multi-generational, international family

We are responsible for a range of services to a UK family office that has appointed us to manage the family’s liquid investments. We provide the family office and the individual family members with customised reporting and administration. Some members of the family live overseas and many are involved with a family charitable trust.

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