Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) for advisers

Our approach to managing your clients’ wealth is measured and intelligent. We work in partnership with you to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns while maintaining a consistent focus on preserving wealth.

Our offering for financial advisers

We understand that every adviser and every client is different. We aim to meet your clients’ individual requirements and deliver the highest level of service both to you and your clients with a full range of investment solutions.

Bespoke portfolios

Partnering with Cazenove Capital makes good financial sense - for your business and your clients. The Discretionary Fund Management Service is a bespoke portfolio management service for advisers with clients with assets of £500,000+ to invest.

For clients with more complex needs, we offer a range of Bespoke Solutions with varying investment styles including global direct equity, active passive, sustainable and funded strategies. We can tailor our approach to meet your clients’ needs.

DFM with a difference

Our ‘DFM with a difference’ video series is designed for financial advisers looking to better understand the full range of Cazenove Capital services. Members of our DFM team talk to experts from across the firm who explain how our more specialised services can help you to better serve your clients.

Portfolio funds

Portfolio funds are a direct expression of our investment philosophy and process in unitised solution with four risk profiles: cautious, balanced, growth and equity risk. We construct and manage portfolios drawing on the resources of the Schroders Group and talented external specialists.

Banking and lending

A range of quality banking services to complement our planning and portfolio management services. As a bank regulated by the UK Prudential Regulation Authority, our highly experienced treasury and banking team can offer our clients a range of quality banking services. We pride ourselves on the speed of response and flexibility with which we address our clients’ banking needs.

Model portfolio service

Schroder Investment Solutions offers a broad selection of model portfolios and multi-asset funds to suit clients across the full risk profile spectrum. You can choose from active, blended and sustainable approaches to reflect your clients’ views on investment. We’re focused on delivering appropriate client investment outcomes by leveraging Schroders' proven investment expertise, at a cost that can offer real value for money.

Meet the DFM team

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