Private individuals

Our experts will invest the time it takes to understand you, your financial position and your hopes for the future.

Creating a plan for your financial future and putting it into practice

Our recommendations will be clear and realistic about what is achievable and what is advisable. You will have access to tailored portfolio management and wealth planning, together with banking and treasury services.

Everyone’s requirements are different and you may need only specific services from us, but in most cases our clients approach us for help on planning and implementing a strategy that can meet their wider goals.

Here are some of the steps you can expect from us:

  • We carry out an in-depth review of your financial circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance. We will also ask whether you want your investments to reflect specific personal values in relation, for example, to environmental or social factors.
  • We can recommend and establish the most tax-efficient structures through which to hold your assets.
  • We recommend an appropriate long-term investment strategy to match your financial objectives and risk tolerance.
  • We select the most suitable investments across and within each asset class.

We will monitor and re-balance your portfolio to take advantage of shorter term shifts in the economic cycle as well as accommodate change and the unexpected. We will report to you regularly and work with you and your family to adapt your portfolio as your circumstances change to ensure you are always on track to achieve your goals.

Case studies

Helping a couple draw income from their investments in retirement

We recently started working with a couple looking for advice on how to use their investments to fund their retirements. The couple hold assets in a SIPP as well as ISAs and taxable investment accounts.

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Helping a retired couple with a UK property purchase

Our clients were looking to downsize to a smaller property and had found the perfect one at an attractive price. They were not, however, ready at that point to sell their current primary residence. Our banking team was able to arrange a loan secured against the investment portfolio we manage within a matter of days.

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