Business exit planning

If you’ve built and managed a successful business, you’ll know the importance of planning.

The sale of your business is the moment at which you crystallise years of effort. It’s the point of reward for everything you and your family have risked and put into the venture.

There are many factors you will not be able to control in the sale of your business. But in a great many areas, planning ahead will help maximise value at the moment of sale. It will also ensure that you are prepared for the life stages that lie ahead.

Consideration of other family members’ interests and those of key business partners, are one likely factor to plan for ahead of a sale. Tax, income replacement, and the nature of any future involvement in the business are other issues.

Transformation: Life beyond your business

For many, the sale of an all-consuming business is a transformative moment. You’ve gone from the demands of looking after a business to something very different – the choices and challenges involved in looking after your money. It’s not only a change to your financial circumstances, but it entails a psychological shift, too.

You may choose to retire, or start another business, or go into some form of voluntary or civic work. We can be by your side as you take all the time you need to adjust.

Case studies

How we helped an entrepreneur following a significant business sale

Following the sale of a family-owned business, our client came to us for advice on estate planning and investment structuring. We helped her plan for the efficient transfer of wealth to her children and charity, while providing a high degree of flexibility and minimising complexity.

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Helping a successful entrepreneur transition his wealth into a diversified, long-term portfolio

Our client is a UK resident, non-UK domiciled entrepreneur. We worked with him over a number of years to reduce his exposure to a listed company and build a long-term, diversified portfolio. We tailored our strategy to take into account his tax status.

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