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We understand the impact your wealth has today and for generations to come. That’s why we work with you to help your investments create the future you want. We listen to you and build our service around your vision.

Still largely owned by our founding family, our independence and expertise has, for more than 200 years, looked after the interests of entrepreneurs, professionals, families and charities from across the globe.

Who we help

We help our clients - including families, entrepreneurs and charities - plan for a successful financial future. What you want your investments to achieve will be unique. It may involve your family, your business or other interests - as well as the social or environmental causes you are passionate about.

What we offer

Managing your wealth is about more than successful investing. Each person’s requirements are different and you may need only specific services from us, but in most cases, our clients approach us for help on planning and implementing a strategy that can meet their wider goals.

Annual sustainability and impact reports 2023

Our fourth annual sustainability and impact reports for our flagship sustainable funds describes the active fund management approach during 2023 and evaluates the positive impact each fund has made through capital allocation and our active engagement.

The Financial Times and Schroders Business Book of the Year 2024

We’re proud to announce that Schroders will be partnering up with the Financial Times to support the 20th edition Business Book of The Year.

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