Effective Philanthropy

You want to put your energy, skills, resources and time into changing the world for the better. Effective philanthropy requires careful thought and planning. We can help with much of that process.

If you wish to start a philanthropic programme, or are already involved in one, planning will be key to future success. You will need to set clear objectives and decide on a strategy to meet these which will require expertise and knowledge about the causes you have chosen to support.

You will also need practical support and advice on the financial aspects. These include how you should structure your giving, and the legal, tax and financial implications of your philanthropy. You will also need to consider how to invest your capital so that it can fund the long-term income and capital spending requirements of your charitable projects.

We are here to help support you on your giving journey.

Today, a growing number of clients are asking us to design and implement a bespoke investment policy for their charity, where the assets themselves are used in a way that directly contributes to solving environmental and social challenges. Known as “impact investing”, this is an area in which we have significant experience.

Getting started

Define philanthropic ambitions, Research causes and charities, Access our network of philanthropy consultants

Setting a strategy

Identify the most appropriate charitable structure, Plan how you will fund your giving, taking advantage of appropriate tax reliefs

Aligning your investments

Our sustainability and impact investment capabilities allow you to align your investments with your philanthropic mission, across both private and public markets

Case studies:

Should I use cash or shares to fund my charitable donation? Ask an expert.

A combination can provide you with the greatest flexibility and maximise tax efficiency, allowing you to increase the amount you give.

Practical Philanthropy: The gender lens with Rebecca Gill

In episode six of Practical Philanthropy our Head of Impact, Lyn Tomlinson, speaks with Rebecca Gill from ROSA – a charity working to deliver equitable and participatory grant-making for specialist organisations led by and for women and girls.

How can philanthropists respond to climate change?

Rising temperatures and the irreversible loss of critical climate systems are a threat to our existence. In developing countries, people are dying of hunger and thirst and are migrating in their millions. All over the world, rising temperatures are destroying homes and livelihoods and impacting physical and mental health.

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