Portfolio management

We take the time to understand your circumstances, priorities and ambitions. We use our long-standing experience and expertise to choose the best investment strategy for you. Our goal is to create continued prosperity for you and your family, responsibly and securely.

Our investment approach

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Robust framework

We combine several key elements to achieve consistent returns while controlling your risk. We draw on research and analysis from our in-house team, the guidance of investment specialists from the Schroders Group and invaluable external expertise. We then overlay your individual needs and discuss the most suitable investments for you.


Business cycle approach

Working to create the right asset allocation for each client is closely linked to our understanding of the economic climate. Different asset classes will outperform at different points of the economic cycle. An active approach will help manage the different risk and opportunities at each stage. This allows us to make insightful decisions that are dynamic and relevant.

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Active portfolio management

Your portfolio manager will adapt Cazenove Capital’s central investment strategy to make sure that your portfolio is regularly reviewed and altered as appropriate to keep it aligned with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Changes in your circumstances and tax position will be important factors in how decisions are taken on your behalf.

Our access to Schroders global investment experts combined with the knowledge of our internal specialists, gives us a unique perspective on an ever-changing world.

Providing you with the best long-term performance, with suitable risk tolerance, is our sole purpose when your constructing portfolio. We select your investments with this in mind. We only invest in Schroder funds if we believe they compete with the very best available in the market and only once they have been subject to the same scrutiny and rigorous testing.

This freedom and insight ensures we make investments that are right for each client, while delivering security and prosperity.

Getting to know our clients’ circumstances, priorities, concerns and ambitions is the most important investment that we make. It is how we balance individual appetites for risk and reward and meet each unique objective.

Most of our clients work with us under a discretionary agreement. This means that once a suitable strategy is agreed with you, we are responsible for implementing that strategy. We report to you regularly and manage the necessary administration.

As well as reporting the changes we make to your portfolios to you on a timely basis, we review your objectives and circumstances frequently. This helps us to make sure that as these evolve, so does our strategy, so that we are always positioned to deliver your long-term goals.

Investing tax efficiently

Our aim is to create long-term value for our clients. That is why our teams always consider the entire range of tax-efficient structures. We have a full range of tax-efficient solutions at our disposal to match our clients’ objectives and needs.

Investing a lump sum

An inheritance, windfall, business or property sale gives you a lump sum. This is great news but what next?

Coming into a large sum of money can mark an important turning point in your life irrespective of it coming out of the blue or is expected. But it also poses practical questions about how to make the most of it.

Expertise in private assets

As an alternative source of return, private assets can help to diversify investment portfolios and offer the potential for capital growth to help meet long-term goals.

As stewards of your money, we can help you access a breadth of solutions.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

Living across borders

How many countries do you call home? How many currencies do you regularly spend in?

There are many reasons you might choose to split your life across borders. It could be due to business interests, property, or a lifestyle choice – or because of decisions taken by your children or other family members.

But there are tax, investment and other financial considerations which you shouldn’t overlook. In a world where nations are erecting more walls and barriers, understanding cross-border issues has become more important than ever.

Our Climate Transition Action Plan

We believe that strong financial returns and meeting climate commitments go hand-in-hand. Our Climate Transition Action Plan outlines how we intend to transition to net zero by 2050 or sooner, integrating climate considerations into all that we do.

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