Your wealth is your future.

We understand the impact your wealth has today and for generations to come. That’s why we work with you to help your investments create the future you want. We listen to you and build our service around your vision.

Still largely owned by our founding family, our independence and expertise has, for more than 200 years, looked after the interests of entrepreneurs, professionals, families and charities from across the globe.

Your wealth. Your way.

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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Orchids inspired by the beauty of Cameroon

Saturday, 4 February to Sunday, 5 March 2023

Cazenove Capital is delighted to be sponsoring Kew Gardens’ Orchid Festival 2023.

This year's festival, Orchids 2023, takes inspiration from the beauty and biodiversity of Cameroon and is the first time Kew’s Orchid festival will celebrate an African nation.

We’re everything you’d expect from a wealth management company, as well as a few things you wouldn’t…


Global, local, flexible

You will find us operating from wherever is necessary to manage your money securely and effectively. We have wealth management offices across the world to provide local market knowledge, impartial advice and personal service excellence. Schroders’ truly global network of over 750 investment professionals based in 19 locations provide us with a unique perspective on an ever-changing world. All linked by robust technology.


A leader in sustainability

As long-term investors, sustainability is central to all our investment decisions and the way we choose investments for all of our clients. As stewards of your money, we use our influence to drive positive change in corporate behaviour. If you would like to go a step further, and use your wealth to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes, we are here to help. Our sustainability portfolios can help you make a positive impact on people and the planet as well as meeting your financial needs.


Continuing to change

Our centuries of heritage are proof that we always think ahead and innovate. We attract talented, passionate people who challenge conventional thinking and find new ways to benefit you, our client. Like you, we want to create sustainable prosperity for generations to come. We’ll keep on changing.

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