Richard Jeffrey

Chief Economist

Richard Jeffrey was Chief Economist at Cazenove Capital until he retired in January 2018. 


Strategy & economics

01FEB 2018

The UK's productivity pain

Britain, like other economies, is facing low productivity growth, writes Richard Jeffrey

Strategy & economics

29JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

25JAN 2018



18JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

Productivity puzzle

Richard Jeffrey explores why productivity gains have been so hard to achieve in the major economies since the financial crisis

09JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

Gridlocked economy?

Rising US interest rates offer a glimmer of hope in a world dogged by anaemic growth, weak productivity gains and stagnant wages, write Caspar Rock and Richard Jeffrey



11DEC 2017

Strategy & economics

Underneath the bonnet of Brexit Britain

There are many barometers of health for the world economy. However, none is more important than trade, writes Richard Jeffrey, Chief Economist


20NOV 2017

Strategy & economics

Central banks still spooked by the ghosts of the past

Richard Jeffrey looks at the differences between how the US and the UK treat monetary policy

03NOV 2017

Strategy & economics

Market implications of the Bank of England interest rate rise

Our investment team analyse the outcome of yesterday's Bank of England meeting and what impact it will have on the markets.


12OCT 2017

Strategy & economics

Mind the productivity gap

Structural changes across the global economy are having unexpected consequences for the economy's recovery

09OCT 2017

Strategy & economics

Statistical miasma

Richard Jeffrey explains the vital role of the Office for National Statistics in our lives, not only affecting our well-being but the growth potential of the country

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