Charity Responsible Multi Asset Fund

SUTL Cazenove Responsible Charity Multi-Asset Fund

Fund team: Tom Montagu-Pollock, Kate Rogers, Nathalie Krekis, Emilie Shaw

Fund aim: The Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund is a long term investment fund with a diversified strategy investing in equities, bonds, property and alternative assets. The Fund aims to provide income and capital growth in excess of the Consumer Price Index + 4% per annum (net of fees) over rolling ten-year periods.

The Fund benefits from Schroders’ market leading responsible investment team, and adopts an integrated approach, examining environmental, social and governance factors as part of the investment process; and using our influence to promote best practise by the companies in which we invest. This sits alongside an ethical screen to ensure the fund does not invest in areas of common ethical concern. 

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Understanding Charity Investment

Charities often want to balance the needs of current beneficiaries and those of future generations. They also wish to protect the capital base against inflation over the long term while there is a desire to maximise current charitable expenditure.

The Charity Responsible Multi-Asset fund aims to achieve this balance by paying out 4%* per annum whilst being managed with a long term performance target relative to inflation. As such the Fund is designed to meet many charities aspirations whilst incorporating a responsible investment approach relevant to charity investors requirements. Screening is aligned with common charity concerns and will integrate environmental, social and governance factors into the equity selection process, promoting best practice through engagement and voting.

* The distribution yield is a target and is not guaranteed.

Why the Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund?

  • Charity Authorised Investment Fund – regulated by the Charity Commission and FCA
  • Strong corporate governance – the Fund is monitored by an independent Advisory Committee
  • A target return objective of inflation plus 4% over an economic cycle
  • Responsible investment policy, with screening aligned with common charity concerns and environmental, social and governance analysis, engagement and voting embedded in the equity investment process
  • Income units pay a sustainable distribution to fund charitable expenditure (targeting 4% p.a. total return distribution smoothed over the previous three years)
  • Liquidity: 12.00 daily dealing

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