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14OCT 2020
9:30 am

Cazenove Capital
1 London Wall Place, LondonEC2Y 5AU

What every trustee should know

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What every trustee should know


This full-day course for charity trustees, presented in association with chartered accountants and tax advisers haysmacintyre and law firm Farrer & Co will cover a wide range of investment, legal and accounting topics.

What information do you need as a trustee and what are your legal responsibilities? This session will provide a comprehensive summary of trustees’ duties and responsibilities and will cover issues such as:

  • The framework within which charities operate
  • The legal structures used by charities, the regulation of charities, the role of the Charity Commission and the public benefit requirement
  • Trustees’ duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities, and the role of the chairperson
  • Responsibilities for identifying and managing risk
  • Charity accounting: the accounting and reporting framework, unravelling the jargon, preparation of accounts, ensuring you receive the right financial information, the role of trustees and audit committees
  • Charity funds, investments and banking
  • Fundraising: the ground rules, the role of professionals and corporate support
  • Trading: the ground rules and the use of subsidiary companies
  • Recent regulatory developments
  • Governance best practice.

Please note this event has a cost to attend of £50 per person.

Date and Venue

14OCT 2020

Cazenove Capital

1 London Wall Place, London , EC2Y 5AU


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