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05JUL 2018
12:00 pm

31 Gresham Street LondonEC2V 7QA

Time and Money

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new report, Time and Money. The presentation by the authors, Kate Rogers, Head of Policy and Richard Jenkins, Charity Consultant will be followed by lunch and the opportunity to network.


About the report

Charities that rely on investments to support their long-term mission can take advantage of their ability to make and spend more money and encourage good corporate behaviour. However, short-term thinking can get in the way.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Factors such as climate change, demographic shifts and technological development are reshaping our economy and society, creating great unpredictability about our global future. For charities, having a long-term approach is an advantage when faced with this degree of complexity, because trustees can adapt as things evolve in order to maintain an unwavering focus on their charitable goals.

Companies that think in the long term, and that exhibit allied environmental, social and governance behaviours, are more likely to generate sustainable financial and social benefits over the long term. For charities that rely on investments, history shows that a long-term approach also helps them to ride volatile markets, survive shocks and maximise returns. So there are financial as well as social advantages to investing in the long term. Our research has shown, however, that operational and governance time frames can get in the way of trustees’ long-term goals.

This report explores these barriers and shares expert thinking and practice to help trustees avoid unnecessary short-termism. 

Date and Venue

05JUL 2018


31 Gresham Street London , EC2V 7QA


Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers

Cazenove Charities
Head of Sustainability | Co-Head of Charities

Kate specialises in investment on behalf of charities, endowments and foundations and has over 20 years of experience, with 15 years at Schroders and Cazenove.  She is a CFA charterholder and has a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences from the University of Durham, is Chair of her local community foundation, Vice-Chair of her local primary school and Chair of the Finance Committee of the Cripplegate Foundation.  She won a Women in Investment Award for her work with the Charity Commission and FCA creating a new charity investment vehicle.

She has researched and co-authored a series of publications on Charity investment best practise including 'For Good and Not For Keeps', which examines sustainable expenditure, ‘Intentional Investing’, which researches how charities can align their investment policy with their aims as an organisation, and more recently ‘Time and Money’, which explores how charities can make the best use of longevity.  Kate was chair of the Charity Investors' Group for 12 years, standing down in 2019.  In this role she collaborated with CFG and authored a guide to written investment policies.  Kate also regularly writes on charity investment in the charity sector press.

Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins

Independent Consultant

Richard is an independent researcher and consultant in the foundation sector including as an Associate of the Tudor Trust. He was previously Head of Policy for the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF). He has been a Trustee of a grant-making endowed charitable foundation, Chief Executive of an educational charity, and civil servant leading on funding policy for the VCS.

He is the author of numerous policy and research papers, including The governance and Financial Management of Endowed Charitable Foundations (2012), ACF; For Good and Not For Keeps (2013), ACF, with Kate Rogers; Intentional Investing, (2015), ACF, with Kate Rogers; Research Briefing: Charitable trusts and foundations’ engagement in the social investment market, with Nikki Jeffrey, (2013), ACF; Giving Trends Top 300 Foundations Report, and Family Foundations Giving Trends, with Cathy Pharoah and KeiranGoddard, (2014) ACF.

Richard has a degree in Scots and English law from the University of Dundee and has further graduate and post-graduate degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Leeds.


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