The Charity Multi-Asset Fund

Fund overview

Fund aim

The Charity Multi-Asset Fund is a long term investment fund with a diversified strategy investing in equities, bonds, property and alternative assets.

We recognise that no investment management company can be the best in every asset class and sector at all times. The Charity Multi-Asset Fund uses our capability in multi-manager selection to gain access not only to the best Schroder funds but also the 'best of the rest' in the marketplace. It is this 'open architecture' approach to fund selection, combined with sophisticated portfolio construction that sets the Charity Multi-Asset Fund apart from its peer group.

Understanding Charity Investment

Charities often want to balance the needs of current beneficiaries and those of future generations. They also wish to protect the capital base against inflation over the long term while there is a desire to maximise current charitable expenditure.

The Charity Multi-Asset fund aims to achieve this balance by paying out 4%* per annum whilst being managed with a long term performance target relative to inflation. As such the Fund is designed to meet many charities aspirations.

Why the Charity Multi-Asset Fund?

  • Diversification of asset classes in order to reduce the volatility of returns
  • Charity specific investment fund
  • Seeks to balance the long term and the short term
  • Active investment selection
  • Efficient administration

* The distribution yield is a target and is not guaranteed.

Fund facts
Launch date 29 June 2007
Sector Multi-Asset Multi-Manager
Distribution yield 4%
Base currency GBP
Type of unit Accumulation and Distribution
Dealing Daily (16:00 GMT)

Fund manager(s)

Fund charges

Annual management     0.65%

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James Brennan

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