Investing tax efficiently

We have a full range of tax-efficient solutions at our disposal to match our clients’ objectives and needs.

Our aim is to create long-term value for our clients. That is why our teams always consider the entire range of tax-efficient structures. We have a full range of tax-efficient solutions at our disposal to match our clients’ objectives and needs.

While these include well-known solutions such as ISAs (Individual Savings Account) and SIPPs (Self Invested Pension Plans) as well as Junior ISAs for children, we may also advise on structures such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs). These investments may, at times, be suitable for clients with a higher risk tolerance and allow clients to get involved in smaller businesses at an early stage.

Many of our clients are concerned about Inheritance Tax (IHT), and without careful planning, it can leave them with a substantial bill at a difficult time for their family. For each unique client, our wealth planners will advise on the most suitable way to structure their investments tax efficiently and plan ahead with this in mind.

We offer a specialist portfolio aimed at those who are concerned about their IHT liability. Uniquely tailored to individual circumstances - it invests in stocks that are exempt from IHT after two years, rather than after the usual seven. This allows the investor to benefit from any income and capital growth from these shares, and the capital to be withdrawn at any time. The IHT Portfolio Service can be held in an ISA.

Inheritance tax portfolio service


Investments made through the IHT portfolio service seek to benefit from Business Property Relief rules and are therefore exempt from inheritance tax once they have been held for two years. In the meantime you would benefit from any income and capital growth of the underlying investments.


You have your own individual portfolio invested in a range of qualifying AIM and ISDX companies selected by the Schroder UK Dynamic Team. Unlike gifting or transfers there is no need to wait for seven years before IHT relief can be obtained.


You have access to your capital and income at all times, so should your circumstances change, additional contributions can be made or money withdrawn with ease. In addition, following changes in the summer of 2013 we are now able to offer this service for ISAs.

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