Investing a lump sum

An inheritance, windfall, business or property sale gives you a lump sum. This is great news but what next?

Coming into a large sum of money can mark an important turning point in your life irrespective of it coming out of the blue or is expected. But it also poses practical questions about how to make the most of it.

You might feel confident making many of these decisions on your own. But some choices are daunting and you may feel more comfortable seeking experienced professional advice.

When we talk to clients about managing lump sums we start by asking questions and listening carefully to the answers.

  • What are your hopes for the future?
  • How much of the lump sum do you want to spend right now or in the immediate future?
  • If you have business interests, do you wish to reserve additional sums for them?
  • How much of the money could you invest over the longer term, perhaps to provide an ongoing income? How much of the money might you wish to give away to family, friends or charity? And when would you like to make those gifts?

How do we help our clients?

The important thing to remember is there is no rush. Only once you are clear on these bigger questions, which we can help you with, do we guide you through your wealth planning and investment choices, including a visual model of what these might look like for you in years to come.

Understanding the risks to your money is important, whether that be short term market volatility or the impact of inflation on your wealth over the long term. We understand that putting large sums into investments that can be volatile over shorter time periods, such as equities, can be challenging, even if historical statistics suggest it may be the correct approach. Our portfolio managers and wealth planners work with you to develop a strategy that you are comfortable with, meets your financial goals and matches your tolerance for risk.

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