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Outsource the easy bits

If you haven’t got enough time for yourself and your family, the least you can do is outsource the simple things like building a tax-efficient long-term investment portfolio.



Simon Barker
Portfolio Director

Wherever work takes place in future, it’s going to remain pressured. Our clients – including many senior practitioners in top law, accounting and other professional firms – tell us that while many sectors continue to adjust to new ways of working, one thing hasn’t changed: clients’ demand for exceptional service. That means that many professionals’ critical personal requirements are pushed to the back burner. We’ve identified two significant risks that result from this: the cost of neglecting personal investment planning, and potential conflict between your personal financial affairs and your work.

Outsourcing investments to a wealth manager can address these problems. In terms of tax efficiencies and investment opportunities otherwise forgone, it might pay for itself within a short period.

Sitting on cash?

Since the pandemic, returns on cash* are down 82% while equities** are up 45%.

* Average UK current account interest rate. Source: Bank of England, Feb 2020 to July 2021. ** S&P500, 1 March 2020 to 1 August 2021. Source: Refinitiv

But good wealth management goes further. A wealth manager who works with clients like you is familiar with some of the big decisions you’re likely to face. Some will be purely financial, for example negotiating the UK’s complex pension rules to ensure you utilize – rather than fall foul of – the tax perks on offer. Some will be about your family – such as managing education costs and estate planning. And some will be personal, and about and your aspirations as you move on through further stages of your current career and beyond.

Tax planning and investment structures

Our planners will work with you to utilize pensions and other structures. If you use our portfolio funds you will benefit from gross roll-up of gains within the fund, and capital gains tax is payable only on the sale of fund units – not on the sale of individual holdings.


By removing you from direct ownership of company shares we can limit potential conflicts. If necessary, we can liaise directly with a firm’s compliance scheme to manage any investment restrictions applying to you.


Our fee structure reflects our own investment in long-term relationships with professionals.

Asset threshold?

We want to be part of your career success. If you’re on a path to grow your wealth, we will reduce our usual minimum level of required assets and make our services available to you.

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Simon Barker
Portfolio Director


The value of your investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise. You may not get back the amount you invested.