Practical Philanthropy

Practical Philanthropy, hosted by Lyn Tomlinson, Cazenove Capital’s Head of Philanthropy and Impact, is the podcast where inspirational people speak about their experience of giving their money, their time and skills to have transformational effects on society. Each episode covers a particular theme of philanthropy, enabling you to learn from those on the ‘front line’.

International Philanthropy with Alex Chapman of Ethiopiaid

In this episode, Lyn Tomlinson is deep in conversation with Alex Chapman, covering her philanthropic journey leading to where she is today – as trustee to the Reed Foundation, but also Chair of Ethiopiaid which has donated £70 million to partners and programmes in Ethiopia.

Venture Philanthropy with Mary Rose Gunn of The Fore

Mary Rose Gunn, co-founder and CEO of The Fore talks about her organisation's unique approach to philanthropy – where small charities aim to make a big impact. The Fore is a venture philanthropy fund and has awarded over £8 million to over 500 innovative small charities who are working to solve some of our biggest challenges.

Climate Philanthropy: 'The Big One' with Sophie Marple

Never has the need been so great and the time been so short to create change. In this episode, Lyn Tomlinson speaks to Sophie Marple of Gower Street - a foundation which funds initiatives to mitigate against the effects of the climate crisis.

Community Philanthropy: ‘Back to your roots’ with Kate Markey of London Community Foundation

Community giving can have a tangible and immediate impact. Kate Markey, the CEO of the London Community Foundation speaks about “going back to your roots” and how to give effectively in your local community – or other communities in need.

Ocean Philanthropy: 'Into the blue' with gaming entrepreneur, Jasper Smith

Every other breath we take is provided by the oceans and they are our biggest ally in our fight to stop climate breakdown. Yet oceans receive just 0.5% of philanthropy funding globally. In this episode, Lyn Tomlinson talks to gaming entrepreneur and ocean philanthropist, Jasper Smith about his tireless work to scale the amount of capital directed to protecting our most important eco-system, the ocean.

Practical Philanthropy: 'The gender lens' with founder of ROSA, Rebecca Gill

Rebecca shines a light on the challenges faced by the female population – spanning maternal health, equal pay, reproductive rights, and access to support services. With philanthropic giving and collaboration, together, we have the potential to create positive change and play a pivotal role in achieving gender equality, supporting and empowering women.

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