Sustainable investment portfolios for your clients

Cazenove Capital has launched a new range of sustainable models for advisers. The five portfolios span the risk spectrum and adopt a multi-asset approach. They are designed for investors who are seeking returns and want to contribute positively to social and environmental change. The underlying investments follow a combination of sustainable approaches including:

  • Screening: where certain areas of activity are excluded
  • Best-in-class: investing in businesses with a best-in-class approach to environmental, social and governance factors
  • Impact: where underlying investments deliver a measurable social or environmental benefit

Importantly, the sustainable models have the same risk and return objectives as our standard models.

Sustainable investing and returns

We do not believe that sustainable investment requires sacrifice of financial return. On the contrary, our view is that consideration of environmental, social and governance factors can reduce portfolio risk and enhance returns.

Cazenove Capital has two dedicated sustainability specialists who play a key role in our fund selection process. They work closely with Schroders’ award-winning sustainability team, which consists of 18 dedicated sustainability analysts. Schroders has been incorporating sustainability into fundamental research and investment selection for more than twenty years.

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