Model Portfolio Service: Q3 2019 update

Both equity and bond markets made progress in the third quarter

Developed market equities pushed higher during the quarter, once again led by "quality" and "growth" stocks - namely the consumer staple and technology sectors.

Portfolio positioning and market review

During the quarter we rebalanced the models. With the impact Brexit is having on the UK economy as negotiations continue to rumble on, we reduced our UK equity weighting and added to a global equity tracker. We also sold out of the RWC US Absolute Alpha Fund and took some profits from the Architas Diversified Real Assets Fund, with the proceeds used to initiate a position in the Atlantic House Defined Returns Fund - a specialist fund investing in structured products.  

Outlook for the rest of the year and beyond

Market volatility is likely to persist this year and going into 2020, we therefore believe models hold sufficient alternatives to help manage this.

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