Policy update – January 2020

Key takeaways from the Queen’s speech for the charity sector from NCVO

Just two months after her last trip to Westminster, in December the Queen set out the priorities of the incoming government. This time, however, it’s a government with a healthy majority and which has a reasonable hope of passing legislation – though one which still faces challenges in implementing Brexit.

In this article NCVO sets out the key takeaways from the speech for the charity sector.

Charity Commission Chair speech at annual public meeting provokes challenge

In her speech, Baroness Stowell said that "charities no longer have the public’s benefit of the doubt" and "charities collectively are not delivering their full potential as sources of belonging and cohesion".

These statements were immediately challenged by sector commentators raising concerns about sweeping generalisations and a lack of evidence. The full speech can be read here.

ACF publishes new report on diversity, equity and inclusion

ACF has published a new report on how foundations can promote diversity, equity and inclusion practices. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Pillars of Stronger Foundation Practice is the first report emerging from the Stronger Foundations initiative. It sets out nine characteristics of excellent practice in a foundation, which include collecting data on diversity, implementing practices in funding activities, and making itself accountable to those it serves and supports.

Charity Governance Code Consultation launched

The Charity Governance Code Steering Group is considering a "light refresh" of the Code in 2020, with more far-ranging changes taking place in 2023. The "light refresh" will focus on the seven principles of the Code and recommended practice. The consultation closes on the 28th February 2020.

The new Code of Fundraising Practice came into force on 1st October

The first major redraft of the Code of Fundraising Practice in almost a decade seeks to improve its style, presentation, clarity and accessibility with a new, easier to use and navigate website.

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