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Sustainability and Impact Annual Report 2022 - Charity Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund

Our third report looks at the continued evolution of our impact framework and explores some of our recent engagements and high-impact investments.


This report describes the active fund management approach for the Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund (previously named Responsible Multi-Asset Fund) during 2022, and evaluates the positive impact the fund has made through both capital allocation and our active engagement.

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Making a difference through collective investment and engagement

2022 was a challenging year for financial markets. Pleasingly, our clients have continued to move capital into our sustainable strategies. This growing community and our collaborative approach have helped to maximise our collective impact.

We strongly believe that our decisions around capital allocation and how we use our influence with companies and managers can bring about real change in the world. This year’s Sustainability and Impact report details the progress we're making in both areas.

Our approach remains underpinned by three pillars:

  1. Intention
    As well as our funds’ financial objectives, we actively seek to achieve positive impact in specific areas of significant need. The five impact themes we’re focused on are: inclusion, health and well-being, climate change, responsible consumption and sustainable infrastructure.
  2. Action
    The report explores our investments in companies and funds that are improving outcomes in each of these impact areas. We are also taking action directly through our engagement with companies and managers. Our key engagement themes, which you’ll be able to read more about in the report, are: climate change, natural capital and biodiversity, human rights, human capital management, diversity and inclusion and corporate governance.
  3. Impact
    Our latest report highlights the tangible impact of our investments and engagements. We are pleased to be able to provide greater insight into how the impact of our investments has evolved over time. We are also extremely proud that our own reporting has been verified by leading impact reporting consultant BlueMark1, reflecting our commitment to best practice in sustainable investment.

At the time of publishing our annual sustainability and  impact reports, we have seen record breaking temperatures across ASIA and Europe, in addition we are facing the return of an El-Nino season. We have just 79  months to halve global emissions if we are to limit temperature rises to a level which avoids the most negative impacts of climate change: including the mass displacement of people and irreversible bio-diversity loss.2

"As we approach the second half of this important decade of action, it is more important than ever than investors allocate capital to investments which contribute to the environmental and social challenges that we face. Our annual impact reports highlight the efforts we are making to avoid harm and to allocate capital to improve lives and ultimately protect our planet.  As part of our commitment to remain at the forefront of global best practice we are delighted to have had our reporting independently verified by leading impact consultant BlueMark.
Lyn Tomlinson, Head of Philanthropy and Impact, Cazenove Capital

“Our goal is to bring together investors and managers in a collaborative approach to drive climate and social action, and deliver profit with purpose. With a shared vision, radical transparency and active client participation,we believe we can make positive change.”

Kate Rogers, Global Head of Sustainability, Cazenove Capital

“We are delighted to publish our third annual impact report for the Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund. We have seen continued momentum in the number of clients committed to our sustainable strategy with an ever increasing number of charities, foundations and Universities wanting to align mission and values with their investments. We are proud that the Fund has been the fastest growing UK charity fund over the last four years with our dual objectives of investing for strong financial returns and in companies focused on having a net positive impact resonating strongly. Our transparent impact reporting has continued to evolve and we have had our reporting independently verified by leading impact consultant BlueMark."

Tom Montagu-Pollock, Co-Head of Cazenove Charities

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1 BlueMark is a leading independent provider of impact verification services in the impact investing market. BlueMark is a subsidiary of Tideline Advisors, LLC, a specialized consulting firm that works with asset managers and allocators to design and implement best-in-class impact management and measurement systems.

2 Summary for Policymakers of IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C approved by governments:

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