Online Trustee Training

We want to help your board develop the knowledge and confidence to successfully oversee your charity’s investment assets.

Having trained 8,000 charity trustees and executives in person over the past decade, we have now taken our comprehensive training programme online, including content from friends and partners at Mayfair Capital and haysmacintyre. The course is modular so has content that will be relevant for those who are new to the charity investment world as well as seasoned trustees and covers, amongst other things:

Within equity markets, key themes we are focusing on include:

Within equity markets, key themes we are focusing on include:

• core asset classes

• key trustee decisions such as what to include in your investment policy and how much you can spend each year

• responsible investment and investing for impact

• portfolio construction

• reviewing your investment managers and assessing value for money

• financial reporting and going concern

and more... 

The course is free for charity trustees and staff of charities. If you have any feedback or would like us to create a module on a topic of interest then please get in touch.

Charity Commission, CC14

‘Trustees have overall responsibility for the investment of a charity’s funds. This means that they have a crucial role to play in making strategic decisions about how to use a charity’s assets to achieve its aims.’

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