Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund Update

6 February 2023


Tom Montagu-Pollock, Emilie Shaw, Kate Rogers and Matt Best will provide a half yearly update for the Responsible Multi-Asset Fund.

This will be held as a hybrid event, giving you the option to attend in person at 1 London Wall Place, followed by lunch, or virtually.

The update will cover investment philosophy, performance, our current views and positioning in light of those views as well as discussing the Fund’s positive impact on people and the planet.

This session is designed to be a useful update for current investors as well as to provide an insight into the fund for potential charity investors.

Event Speakers

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Tom Montagu-Pollock

Co-Head of Charities

Kate Rogers

Global Head of Endowments & Foundations, Schroders

Emilie Shaw

Portfolio Director and Sustainable Investment Specialist

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