Impact investing

We help you to create the change you wish to see in the world.

Many charities want their investments to contribute to solutions to the societal issues they see in the world. This is possible by allocating capital to impact investments. Impact investments are those that are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.


To create impact, charity investors need to identify the problems they are trying to solve and understand the reasons these issues exist. Bringing our expertise across environmental and social issues, we can align your investments with your mission and values.


We can bring impact to life through a portfolio of aligned investments. Our aim is to deliver a portfolio that creates long-term positive impact.


Understanding the impact of an investment is a core principle of impact investing. We report on the estimated impact of the investments on people and planet and from a financial perspective.

Investment Examples

Whether supporting renewable energy projects, investing in accessible healthcare, or backing social enterprises, impact investing can help you to make a difference. By directing capital towards solutions to the global challenges we face, impact investing has the potential to contribute to a better future for both people and planet.

The examples included here are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any recommendation to buy or sell.

Investing for People


Safaricom has been credited with pioneering a mobile-based payments system in 2007 called MPESA. It’s enabled millions of people to make secure cashless transactions by SMS instantly.

Investing for People

Urban Legend

Research has shown that reducing the amount of sugar, salt and fat consumed in commonly consumed foods is an important part of tackling the global obesity epidemic. Urban Legend is on a mission to reduce the calorific and fat load of baked goods. Starting with one of our unhealthiest foods, their doughnuts have 50% less fat, sugar and calories compared to similar products.

Investing for Planet

Lifecycle Renewables

Lifecycle Renewables uses new technology to make a type of heating oil called Truburn. Truburn is made by recycling used cooking oil from restaurants.

Investing for People


NeuroFlow has built an AI platform to analyse data which can identify signs of mental health crises early. With early detection people can get access to the critical care they need, which may lead to better health outcomes and cost savings for health care payers.

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Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund Impact Report

We’re delighted to publish our fourth annual sustainability and impact reports for our Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund. The report describes the active fund management approach during 2023 and evaluates the positive impact each fund has made through capital allocation and our active engagement.

Sustainable Investing

Our sustainable investment approach is designed to enable charities to align their investments with their values. Careful consideration of material Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors helps to inform our investment decisions to identify opportunities and minimise the risks of failing to adapt.  For those who choose to go further than ESG integration, and invest in a way that seeks to create positive outcomes for people and the planet in a manner consistent with their mission.  For these clients, we offer our award-winning sustainable investment approach.