Charity Trustee Investment Training - Part One

17 June 2020


Unfortunately, although lockdown restrictions are easing, we still feel it would be best to postpone in the interests of public health and your safety. We are busy developing an online Trustee Training resource which we will be launching in the coming month, and we also hope to reschedule our in person events once it is safe to do so.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

 Our annual charity investment trustee training programme will give trustees the confidence to invest their charity’s assets to best support their financial and charitable objectives. The two-part course is designed to provide an overview of best practice in charity investment; covering charity law, investment policy and introducing available investment asset classes. Part One is open to those with limited investment knowledge, whilst Part Two is for trustees who have attended the previous session or have past investment experience.

Sessions are open to all trustees. Importantly, they provide an opportunity to quiz presenters, cross-examine investment specialists and raise any concerns that they may have as a trustee in a supportive environment, while meeting with other trustees who may have similar investment experience.
The format is relaxed, the content suited to the audience with plenty of opportunity for questions. The day will start at 10am, and lunch will be served at 1pm. 





Legal background - investing your charitable assets
Introduction to equities, bonds and property
Setting your Investment Policy


Lunch and networking

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