Responsible investing

Even with significant knowledge and experience, managing financial affairs can be a complicated, lengthy and laborious process.

We aim to work with you and any existing advisers you may have, to meet specific objectives, while removing the stress that comes with having to coordinate multiple service providers.


Responsible ownership

Shareholders have certain rights and powers, including the right to vote and an ability to engage with the companies in which they hold shares. We believe it is in the interests of our clients to be responsible owners, and accordingly, we exercise voting powers and actively engage with companies on strategy, risk, performance and governance.

Our policy regarding the governance of the companies in which client funds are invested is described in our Investment and Corporate Governance policy.


It is our policy to vote at all companies in which we have equity holdings, unless there are material impediments.

Ethical restrictions

Certain types of businesses are unacceptable to some of our charity and private clients. Companies falling into these category can be excluded from portfolios.

We have 11 different ethical screens that clients may choose from, and offer bespoke ethical screening in some instances.

Our 11 screens are: Tobacco, Armaments, Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography, Animal Testing (non-medical), Nuclear, Intensive Farming, Environmental, GM, Human Rights...

Third party fund selection

We have been investing in Third Party Funds that play to sustainable themes – such as water, alternative energy, demographic changes and the rise of globalisation – since 2004.

Social Impact investment, sometimes called ‘social finance’, is provided on client request. These hybrid investments offer a blend of financial and social and/or environmental return in line with the client’s own objectives. 

Sustainability and Impact Annual Report 2023 – Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund

Our fourth annual Sustainability and Impact Report explores how we invest to achieve better outcomes for people and the planet while targeting attractive financial returns to meet your investment goals.