Portfolio management

A measured and intelligent attitude to managing wealth

Even with significant knowledge and experience, managing financial affairs can be a complicated, lengthy and laborious process.

We aim to work with you and any existing advisers you may have, to meet specific objectives, while removing the stress that comes with having to coordinate multiple service providers.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our aim is to ensure that your assets are suitably structured and invested in accordance with your specific objectives and risk tolerance.

Focused on preserving capital and delivering strong risk-adjusted returns, our investment philosophy is unburdened by strict models. We are open to pursue the best opportunities for you across global investment markets.

The asset allocation strategy we agree with you will take into account factors such as your investment horizon, your risk tolerance, income objectives, liabilities and the other assets you hold outside of your portfolio.

General recommendations for asset allocation are determined by our strategy team, and your portfolio manager will adapt the house view to your specific requirements, ensuring you benefit from all the resources of Cazenove Capital, backed by the wider Schroder Group.

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