What is eServices?

eServices is our online reporting system providing access to portfolio information, asset statements, market insights and commentary.

The system allows you to request, run and view reports for your portfolio when you wish. It provides the same features as our monthly and quarterly statements whilst allowing you to generate reports on any business day. Furthermore, you can store your asset statement as a pdf file within the system and download for your own use when you need to.

eServices is designed to be used on your PC, tablet or smartphone. It is a safe and secure way for users to view portfolio information. There are three required security credentials – User ID, RSA SecurID and a PIN number.

Within eServices, there are a number of separate functions:

Within eServices, there are a number of separate functions:


'Portfolio’ provides a snapshot of the core elements of your asset statement. This function gives the option to view and extract specific data.

There are four key sections within ‘Portfolio’:

  1. Key Figures displays Overall Performance, Assets by Class and Asset Allocation.
  2. Performance Analysis, where appropriate, displays information By Segment, Against Benchmark and By Position.
  3. Asset Analysis displays information By Region, By Sector, Maturities and Position Statement.
  4. Movement and Liabilities displays Account Statement, Transactions, Inflows, Outflows and Liabilities.

The format is designed to mirror your current reporting format. Details from each of the sections can be exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file into Excel which not only provides flexibility but also the option to embed data into existing documentation.


Documents’ stores electronic versions of your reports and advices which are delivered directly to your account and allows you to request ad hoc asset statements.

Key features of this function are:

  1. All reports and advices can be saved to your hard drive.
  2. You have the ability to search for reports or advices using the document option filters. This allows a search to be performed across multiple portfolios.
  3. Allows you to request ad hoc asset statements available to download as a PDF.


Inbox’ is a secure email capability, which links to our eServices helpdesk. The service should not be used for time-critical requests.