About us

£7.9 bn under management

Our services are designed to offer comprehensive and customised support to the full sector.  We are privileged to work with a broad variety of charities, with a wide range of portfolio sizes and purpose.

792 charity clients

We are now the largest manager of charitable assets in the UK, trusted by over 700 charity clients with their investments.  We are able to offer one of the broadest ranges of investment services to the charity sector, backed by the significant resource of a global asset management company, Schroders.

80 + years experience working with charities

We have been working with charities since the 1930s.  Indeed, we are very proud that our first client from the sector remains with us.

25 dedicated charity team members

Our greatest asset is our people, whose experience and skill in managing investments for charities has resulted in excellent performance, service and client satisfaction.

13 average years with the company

Our charity team members create enduring relationships with their clients, with an average of 13 years in the company.

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John Clifton

Business Development Manager

Tel: 020 7658 3636 




The value of investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise. Investors may not get back the amount invested.