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Almost 40% of our clients have achieved their wealth through founding and building a business. We know, through our experience in helping generations of successful wealth creators, that no two entrepreneurs are alike; but many have similar needs.

One of the most important steps you will take is when you come to sell all or part of your business. This is where you crystallise the rewards of years or decades of effort, ingenuity and courage.

Getting this right takes planning. Considerations include tax efficiency, income replacement, safeguarding your capital, making provision for ongoing business interests and ensuring your wishes for others – such as your family – are taken into account.

You can count on our deep experience at every stage. We can also introduce you to our network of trusted partners.

For many entrepreneurs, the “exit” or sale of a business entails significant life changes. In our experience, financial rewards bring with them fresh challenges. We can help you make the most of the freedoms and choices that lie ahead.

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