Mrs Sustainable Claus

Give the gift of sustainability

Until quite recently, my family had a Christmas tradition called “Cheap Santa.” My uncle would visit us with a giant bag full of gifts that, I’m afraid, could only be described as throwaway plastic rubbish. The delights would include the likes of singing tooth brushes, nylon capes, plastic tiaras and disposable games that would provide great amusement for the whole of two hours. Now, Santa was all for recycling and many of the items would get re-gifted at further Christmas celebrations.  However, we always knew that the ultimate destination for the singing tooth brush or plastic tiara would be the bin and, eventually, to landfill.

This could not continue. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the tradition, but it was the definition of unsustainable.  So Cheap Santa is no more. He has been replaced by Mrs Sustainable Claus – thankfully with no detriment to our overall merriment!


Gifts that give back

Social soap, The Soap Co. By choosing the Soap Co., you help create life-changing job opportunities for people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.

PJs with purpose, Sian Esther. Working with its partner charities, the company helps disadvantaged women get a safe night’s sleep and fulfil their dreams.


Ties for the tide, Reef Knots. The company recycles plastic into clothing.  

Sustainable luxury, Elvis & Kresse. Bags and wallets made from recycled fire hoses and parachute silk.

Environmentally friendly gifts for your pets and other ethical gifts, Green Tulip.

Give the gift of carbon offsets: help your loved ones offset their festive season carbon footprint through social enterprise Ecologi. Cazenove Capital are working with the organisation to offset the carbon footprint of our sustainable funds and support re-forestation and biodiversity restoration around the world. We have already reduced our Co2 emissions by the equivalent of 656 long haul flights and planted over 5,000 trees.

Decorations that don’t “cost” the earth

The most eco-friendly decorations are those old family heirlooms that appear year after year. However, if you want to add to your range opt for non-plastic suppliers, such as Nkuku for designs made from brass, glass and wood. Or visit the local fete and buy some handmade gifts!

Diversity on your tree: The Cornrow – if angels look over us all, why do they only come in one colour?

Food for thought

Coffee for freedom, not profit. Manumit Coffee Roasters offer dignity and hope to survivors of modern slavery through training & employment. Their coffee is roasted by men and women who have suffered horrendous exploitation at the hands of modern slave traders but are now rebuilding their lives. Though thankfully not much used today, the word “manumit” historically meant “to set free from slavery”.

Baked goods for good, Luminary Bakery. The company creates opportunities for women who have suffered social and economic disadvantage.

Raise a Toast and save the world. Delicious beers made from toast! Using surplus bread to replace virgin barley reduces the demand for land, water and energy – and hence emissions. Bonus - all profits go to charity.

Support small-scale, ethical farmers. You will use fewer food miles, less packaging and you can feel confident that you haven’t supported any intensive farming practices. Swillington Organic Farm, Coombe Farm Organic, Cross Lanes Organic Farm and Springfield Poultry are a few recommended options. Farmdrop, Abel & Cole and Riverford are great places to source a range of festive ingredients.


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