Life after selling a business

Entrepreneur Daniel Land explains his plans after selling his Italian quick-service restaurant chain


Most people believe that when an entrepreneur sells a successful business they spend the rest of their lives on the beach or the golf course. The reality can be very different and those who achieve success while they are still young often need a new project to give them purpose.

Daniel Land, co-founder of Italian food chain Coco di Mama, has achieved what many entrepreneurs hope for – a successful sale of his business and the financial benefits that come with it. But he is only 34 years old and plans to start again with a new business venture after a short break to enjoy his success.

Building the business

Daniel, who recently spoke at an event hosted by the Cazenove Capital Entrepreneur Group, explains: “What I’ve discovered is that you get a lot of pleasure from striving to build a business. When you sell your business there’s a great moment when you say ‘awesome, this is what I set out to do’. That’s really cool but you can’t celebrate all day and that feeling doesn’t last very long.

“Striving to create something is where fulfilment comes from. I also know, and it’s something that I didn’t know when we started Coco di Mama in 2011, that the decision to start the business would immeasurably alter the next seven years of my life. I probably suspected it but I didn’t know that it meant seven years of no holidays, and keeping our heads down.”

The next decade

“Now I know that when I start my next business it’s going to be five or 10 years of my life that will be focused on it because starting a business is hard.

“I’m taking some time off now. I’m going to get on a plane and travel for three or four months. Then I’m going to think about what I’m going to do next. What I really want to do is find a problem that I really care about solving and build a business to solve that problem.”

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