Cazenove Capital's new home - built on 2,000 years of history

Cazenove Capital is moving into one of the City of London's most sustainable new developments on a site with an amazing history


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Sited on London Wall – the road in the City of London whose name derives from the original Roman Wall built in the late 2nd century – Cazenove Capital’s new home incorporates a number of elements which pay tribute to the area’s astounding history.

Nearly two miles in length, the original Roman wall enclosed Londinium, an area of some 300 acres which encompassed most of the population of the fledgling town.

Sections of this wall – repaired and overlaid by centuries of restorers and builders – can be seen directly outside London Wall Place. They form part of St Alphege Gardens, which also include the medieval remains of St Alphege, the church which stood on the site until its destruction by fire in 1940. Other remnants of the Roman wall are visible at the nearby London Museum and beside the church St Giles without Cripplegate, now part of the Barbican Estate. Cripplegate was the name of the fort built at the end of the 1st century as London’s first defence.

London Wall Place stands at what would have been the northerly side of Londinium. Over the centuries it was home to religious institutions, including an Augustinian Priory, hospitals, schools, cemeteries and much else.

Sustained bombing in World War Two devastated this part of the city – but it also prompted an extensive archaeological probe of the area’s Roman and other settlements which began in 1947.

Rebuilding began in earnest in the Sixties, and included integrated office blocks and walkways attaching to the southern edge of what was to become the Barbican Estate, with its famous arts centre and thousands of apartments.

The building itself

The building’s construction pays tribute to its location in a number of ways. The dark elements of the exterior, for example, are inspired by the flints which were among Roman and Saxon remains discovered at the site. The materials used include an indigo ceramic glaze that glows a variety of hues from black to bright blue depending on external lighting conditions.

Attaching to the south side of the Barbican, the design has incorporated some of the architectural features of its neighbours: bridges and walkways around the building take pedestrians into the Barbican’s main cultural centre, the Museum of London or Guildhall – without having to descend to street level.

The building uses the latest climate technologies to limit energy consumption, with the flexibility to respond effectively to temperature change and occupancy. Materials have been sourced locally where possible.

At street level visitors and passers-by can enjoy a series of gardens. The building itself features a series of planted roof terraces and vertical gardens, where hidden irrigation allows a range of plants to grow planters built into walls and corridors.

As Moorgate, Barbican, Bank, St Paul’s and Liverpool Street Underground stations are all a short walk - with the new Elizabeth Line scheduled to open at the end of this year and being accessible via Moorgate - the building will be easy to reach.

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Change of address: what you need to know

New address: 1 London Wall Place
1 London Wall

You will receive a communication from your portfolio manager in the coming weeks with a confirmed moving date and any further details you need to note. The move is anticipated to take place in September of this year.


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