Strategy & economics

23APR 2019

Sustainability: the process that underpins our fund selection

We select investment funds on the basis that they will deliver long-term positive returns. To do that, we have developed a unique and rigorous process that includes assessing a fund manager's approach to sustainability

Strategy & economics

16APR 2019

Strategy & economics

02APR 2019



13MAR 2019

Wealth planning

What to do before the end of the tax year

Make sure you don’t miss the deadline to claim important allowances and reliefs.


12FEB 2019

Talking points

Tobacco: profits and growth are hard to stub out

The market thinks regulation and declining usage will hit the sector hard,  and some tobacco giants are now priced at 20-year lows. But the market’s predicted the death of big tobacco before… and been wrong

01FEB 2019

Talking points

Courting publicity: can the press report my divorce?

The extent to which the press are able to publicise divorce case details is not a straightforward issue


21JAN 2019

Talking points

The key question about the origins of Brexit that so few get right

Brexit stems in part from a decision taken by the UK in 2004 - but too few people today are aware of that, according to columnist Merryn Somerset Webb

20JAN 2019

Talking points

A gripping read...

The best non-fiction we enjoyed in 2018 - as recommended by Cazenove Capital colleagues from all parts of the business

08JAN 2019

Strategy & economics

Five key investment themes for 2019

Markets have entered 2019 in a state of heightened anxiety: these are the key factors on which concerns are now focused.

07JAN 2019

Strategy & economics

January 2019: Market Review & Outlook

Investors’ fears centre upon a weakening US and global economy. While data suggests US growth may have peaked, we still expect global growth in 2019 of almost 3%

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