Strategy & economics

10OCT 2019

Investors grow nervous

Review & outlook October 2019: while manufacturing is weak, other areas of economic activity are faring better, and recession is not expected in 2020

Strategy & economics

20AUG 2019



20AUG 2019

Talking points

Me and my passion: Jasper Smith

In the first of a series of interviews with individuals who are pursuing a passion away from their professional background, we talk to technology entrepreneur Jasper Smith about sailing, boat building and saving the world’s oceans

07AUG 2019

Strategy & economics

America: still one of the most desirable countries in which to own a home

For many global buyers, US property represents a safe haven investment – with multiple other advantages


25JUL 2019

Strategy & economics

The longest US expansion on record: when will it end?

The US economy and stock market have delivered record-breaking sustained growth. Veteran investor Howard Marks discusses his theory of cycles and what he believes lies ahead

25JUL 2019

Supertrends & disruptors

Goodbye to banking – as we know it

FinTech is transforming banking in developed markets like the UK, US and Europe – but its effects in the developing markets of Asia and Africa are likely to be even more radical

18JUL 2019

Strategy & economics

Lower for longer: finding the long-term "natural" rate of interest

For years commentators have wrongly predicted a return to higher rates of interest. Now, as central banks switch back into a rate-cutting mode, there is a wider expectation that rates will remain low for the long-term

03JUL 2019

Strategy & economics

Technology - the front line in a new "cold war"?

Tensions between the US and China are not just about trade. Washington’s real fear is China’s rising influence in global technology

03JUL 2019

Asset allocation

Growth more fragile, valuations no longer cheap

How we are positioning portfolios in the face of persistent political risk and slowing global growth

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