Payment account rates

Foreign exchange

Our foreign exchange conversion rates for the following currency pairs (before applicable margin) for amounts up to £50,000 in a given day are as follows:

Currency Pair Our Reference Rate Last updated*
EUR/GBP 0.850731 12:13 - 29/07/2021
GBP/CHF 1.268655 12:13 - 29/07/2021

*UK Local time

Our reference rate is normally updated three times a day. There may be a short delay of a few minutes before this website is updated with our current reference rate. If you place an order for a foreign exchange transaction during this period, or due to volatile market conditions it is necessary for us to apply a different rate, the reference rate may differ from the rate shown above but will be notified to you by telephone at the time, unless the change is to your advantage.

Our foreign exchange conversion rates for amounts greater than £50,000, or for other currency pairs, are available on request by telephoning us on our usual contact number and will be provided at the time of dealing. Please refer to your Terms of Business for details regarding the calculation of and changes to our exchange rates in relation to Payment Accounts. Please refer to our tariff of charges for applicable margin tiers and details of any applicable charges.

Deposit interest rates

Our interest rates for the following account types on balances above £/€10,000 (depending on account currency) are as follows:

Account Type Contractual Interest Rate Actual Rate* Date
Special Accounts (£) 0.000000 0.000000 29/07/2021
Deposit Reserve (€) 0.000000 0.000000 29/07/2021

*Our actual interest rate may be improved for you relative to our contractually defined interest rate without notice, depending on market conditions. 

Better rates may be available for amounts of €50,000 or above. For details of margin tiers on larger amounts, see our rate schedule.

Interest is not paid on balances below £/€10,000. Please refer to your Terms of Business for details regarding the calculation of and changes to our interest rates. Please refer to our tariff of charges for details of any applicable charges. Our interest rates for Deposit Reserve Accounts in other currencies and for other account types are available on request from your usual contact and will be shown on your regular account statements where applicable.

Errors & Omissions excepted: while we take great care to ensure this website accurately reflects our current rates, it is possible occasional input errors, technical problems or disruptions beyond our control may occur, in which case we shall not be bound to apply the erroneous rate shown nor be liable for any loss arising, provided this is fair in light of prevailing market rates and relevant communications between us. Please refer to our Terms of Business, in particular paragraph A11.

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