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23MAY 2019

In three charts: the explosive investment in solar

The phenomenon of solar energy was first observed over a century ago, but serious investment in installations is only just beginning

Strategy & economics

16APR 2019



02APR 2019

Strategy & economics

Is Europe's slowdown really that severe?

Markets are unnerved by a sharp drop in European economic activity and political events – including Brexit – add to the disquiet. But are investors’ fears overblown?


12FEB 2019

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Tobacco: profits and growth are hard to stub out

The market thinks regulation and declining usage will hit the sector hard,  and some tobacco giants are now priced at 20-year lows. But the market’s predicted the death of big tobacco before… and been wrong

01FEB 2019

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Courting publicity: can the press report my divorce?

The extent to which the press are able to publicise divorce case details is not a straightforward issue


21JAN 2019

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The key question about the origins of Brexit that so few get right

Brexit stems in part from a decision taken by the UK in 2004 - but too few people today are aware of that, according to columnist Merryn Somerset Webb

20JAN 2019

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A gripping read...

The best non-fiction we enjoyed in 2018 - as recommended by Cazenove Capital colleagues from all parts of the business

08JAN 2019

Strategy & economics

Five key investment themes for 2019

Markets have entered 2019 in a state of heightened anxiety: these are the key factors on which concerns are now focused.

07JAN 2019

Strategy & economics

January 2019: Market Review & Outlook

Investors’ fears centre upon a weakening US and global economy. While data suggests US growth may have peaked, we still expect global growth in 2019 of almost 3%

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