Strategy & economics

03OCT 2018

October 2018: as global economic performance diverges, this is how we’re positioning portfolios

We are long into a bull market and new risks are emerging on several fronts. Chief Investment Officer Caspar Rock explains his view on markets

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Strategy & economics

18JUL 2018



17MAY 2016

Strategy & economics

Chart of the month - May

UK consumer credit growth


25APR 2016

Strategy & economics

What noise annoys an investor most?

The biologist Edward O Wilson noted in his book, Consilience, that given all the billions of dollars that have been invested in economics, there has been a remarkably poor return. Nonetheless, he observes, we should continue to invest, because the potential benefits are so great.



16NOV 2015

Strategy & economics

Economic update and outlook for 2016

In this video, Richard Jeffrey takes a look back at 2015 and gives his thoughts for 2016.

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