Talking points

28OCT 2019

October 2019: your client asks... are we heading for recession?

This monthly series looks at the economic and market issues making headlines, and provides straightforward answers to investors' questions. This month: will the global slowdown turn into a recession?

Strategy & economics

23OCT 2019



10OCT 2019

Strategy & economics

Investors grow nervous

Review & outlook October 2019: while manufacturing is weak, other areas of economic activity are faring better, and recession is not expected in 2020

02OCT 2019

Strategy & economics

How might the UK economy react to different Brexit scenarios?

The UK’s path to Brexit remains unclear, even as the 31 October deadline approaches. We look at three scenarios and the potential economic impact of each.

01OCT 2019

Strategy & economics

How will today's consumption tax rise affect Japan's economy?

In a weak global environment, the tax increase underlines Japan’s long-term fiscal challenges.


19SEP 2019

Strategy & economics

What next for interest rates and inflation?

The Fed has cut rates for the second time this year. While the US domestic economy remains resilient, the central bank is worried about slowing global growth and the trade dispute with China

06SEP 2019

Strategy & economics

How trade wars are weakening the BRICs

Craig Botham explains why the economics team has downgraded the growth outlook across the BRIC economies this quarter, with weakness in 2020 driven by the trade war.


31JUL 2019

Strategy & economics

Slowing eurozone needs fiscal boost

A sluggish outlook and low inflation suggest the European Central Bank is inching towards further stimulus, which we don’t think will be enough.


28JUN 2019

Strategy & economics

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - July 2019

In this month's Viewpoint we discuss the outlook for US interest rates as well as the policy options available to central banks in the event of a global slowdown.

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