Global Economy


Strategy & economics

03DEC 2019

Outlook 2020: Global equities

Stock market volatility is likely to increase and stock selection will become more important, as global uncertainty continues and the US bull market shows early signs of exhaustion.

Responsible investing

26NOV 2019



28OCT 2019

Talking points

October 2019: your client asks... are we heading for recession?

This monthly series looks at the economic and market issues making headlines, and provides straightforward answers to investors' questions. This month: will the global slowdown turn into a recession?


17JUL 2019

Strategy & economics

Stranger Things vs Mickey Mouse: How the media old guard is adapting to disruption

Everyone’s focused on the new kids on the block like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but don’t underestimate the ability of the established order such as Walt Disney to adapt and thrive.


28JUN 2019

Strategy & economics

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - July 2019

In this month's Viewpoint we discuss the outlook for US interest rates as well as the policy options available to central banks in the event of a global slowdown.

07JUN 2019

Strategy & economics

Why the world economy is like a wobbly bike

The world economy increasingly resembles an unstable bicycle that can be tipped over by the slightest bump in the road.


24APR 2019

Strategy & economics

Monthly market update: April 2019

Markets buoyed by central banks and prospects of a trade deal

16APR 2019

Strategy & economics

Stocks and bonds rebound after a difficult year

Sentiment has brightened, thanks in part to reassuring words from central banks, but growth remains at lower levels and political risks persist

02APR 2019

Strategy & economics

Is Europe's slowdown really that severe?

Markets are unnerved by a sharp drop in European economic activity and political events – including Brexit – add to the disquiet. But are investors’ fears overblown?

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