Strategy & economics

02DEC 2019

Caspar Rock: Monday markets - the week ahead on 2 December

This week's economic data is expected to show improvements in global momentum. In the UK, with the election two weeks away, the Conservatives' lead in the polls continues.

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Strategy & economics

29NOV 2019

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22NOV 2019

Strategy & economics

Janet Mui: weekly economic update 22 November

What next for US-China trade talks? And while UK data continues to reflect uncertainty, in Europe there are positive signs of stabilisation.

20NOV 2019

Strategy & economics

Infographic: A snapshot of the world economy in November 2019

This month's infographic looks at the outlook for US company profits and the lessons we can learn from Japan's government spending in the 1990s.

18NOV 2019

Strategy & economics

Caspar Rock: Monday markets - the week ahead

US equities continue to climb. Emerging market stocks and currencies slip back as Hong Kong disruption intensifies. In politics, major televised debates are held this week in both the UK and US.

15NOV 2019

Strategy & economics

Janet Mui: weekly economic update

The UK economy continues to flag. The eurozone fares better as Germany avoids recession, and in China the authorities look increasingly likely to intervene further to support growth.

08NOV 2019

Strategy & economics

Janet Mui: weekly economic update 8 November 19

China and the US agree in principle to remove tariffs, sparking a wide rally in equities. In the UK, the Bank of England has held its key interest rate unchanged – while indicating a readiness to cut.


31OCT 2019

Strategy & economics

Fed hits pause, for now

Trade uncertainty and a squeeze on profit margins could see a return to rate cuts in 2020.

28OCT 2019

Talking points

October 2019: your client asks... are we heading for recession?

This monthly series looks at the economic and market issues making headlines, and provides straightforward answers to investors' questions. This month: will the global slowdown turn into a recession?

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