For Good and Not For Keeps

For Good and Not For Keeps report

How long-term charity investors approach spending on their charitable aims.

For Good And Not For Keeps was commissioned to explore one of the most testing questions faced by trustees of charities with long-term missions who rely on investment assets to fund their activities. ‘How much can we safely spend on our charitable activities year on year while preserving the value of our investment assets for future generations?’

The authors, Richard Jenkins and Kate Rogers have taken into account the views and current practice of over 220 charities and combined this with historical market analysis and forecasts in an attempt to address this difficult question. The influential concept of ‘intergenerational equity’ as suggested by Yale Professor James Tobin in the 1970s to encapsulate trustees’ obligations to the future is also a focus that has influenced their conclusions. Read the outcomes of their findings along with proposals for three approaches to the long-term in the report that can be downloaded here.



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