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Charity Authorised Investment Funds

Our suite of four Charity Authorised Investment Funds (CAIFs) are designed specifically for charities.The Charity Multi-Asset Fund encapsulates our comprehensive multi-asset approach. Our two UK Equity funds, the Charity Equity Value Fund and Charity Equity Income Fund have complimentary styles and the Charity Bond Fund aims to generate attractive regular income and outperform UK government bonds.

A charity with a minimum investment of just £1,000 can purchase units. The equity and bond funds are FCA Authorised UCITs Unit Trusts. The Charity Multi-Asset Fund is an FCA authorised non-UCITs Unit Trust. Therefore only charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may invest in them.

SUTL Cazenove Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new fund, the Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund later in the summer. It will follow a multi asset approach to investment, targeting inflation plus 4%. The fund benefits from Schroders’ market leading responsible investment team, and adopts an integrated approach, examining environmental, social and governance factors as part of the investment process; and using our influence to promote best practise by the companies in which we invest. This sits alongside an ethical screen to ensure the fund does not invest in areas of common ethical concern.  

SUTL Cazenove Charity Multi-Asset Fund

Fund team: Tom Montagu-Pollock, Kate Rogers, Nathalie Krekis

Fund aim: The Charity Multi-Asset Fund is a long-term investment fund with a diversified strategy investing in equities, bonds, property and alternative assets.

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SUTL Cazenove Charity Equity Value Fund

Fund managers: Nick Kirrage, Kevin Murphy, Andrew Lyddon 

Fund aim: The Charity Equity Value Fund aims to achieve a rate of total return above that of the FTSE All Share Index on a rolling five year basis.

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SUTL Cazenove Charity Equity Income Fund

Fund manager: Matt Hudson, Michael Zorko

Fund aim: The Charity Equity Income Fund primarily aims to provide a high and steady level of income by investing mainly in UK equities. The Fund targets a premium yield in excess of the FTSE All Share Index.

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SUTL Cazenove Charity Bond Fund

Fund manager: Alexander Smitten

Fund aim: The Charity Bond Fund (previously the Income Trust for Charities) aims to provide a high and steady level of income through investing mainly in UK government and other fixed interest securities, or derivatives thereof.

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Other Funds

In addition to the above Charity-only funds, and as part of Schroders, we are able to also offer a broad range of other funds which may be of interest. They include regional equity, multi asset and a broad suite of fixed income funds, amongst others.

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Applying to invest directly

Cazenove Capital's range of Charity Authorised Investment Funds are available solely to UK-based charities (eligable investors).

Please click on literature request (or the link on the right hand side), or call Schroder Investor Services on 0800 718 777 to be able to request a specific Application Pack that includes the Key Investor Information Document(s) for the fund(s) you wish to invest in. These include details about who can apply and the information you will need to register.  A step-by-step instruction guide on how to complete the application form is provided on the right hand side.

The Schroder Investment Services team is on hand to assist with queries regarding direct investments - please contact them on 0800 718 777 where replies will be dealt with promptly.

Please note, for your security, calls to Schroders may be recorded.

Contact Cazenove Charities

Achieving your charity's investment objectives takes time and thought. To find out how we can help you please contact:

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Giles Neville

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John Clifton

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