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02OCT 2019

How might the UK economy react to different Brexit scenarios?

The UK’s path to Brexit remains unclear, even as the 31 October deadline approaches. We look at three scenarios and the potential economic impact of each.

Market News

04SEP 2019



23JUL 2019

Market News

Boris Johnson: the challenges faced by the new UK PM

The “do or die” Brexiteer will face enormous challenges from the outset as the UK’s new prime minister. We look at what his victory might mean.


25JUN 2019

In the sector press

The Brexit risks in the UK economy

Economic data appears positive at first, but there are worrying underlying threats from Brexit


10MAY 2019

Market News

Brexit stockpiling drives improvement in UK GDP growth

First quarter growth has improved, but is likely to slow again as the stockpiling behind it is unsustainable.


15MAR 2019

EU Referendum

The Brexit unknown: views from Schroders experts

In a turbulent week for UK politics, a range of Schroders experts translate events for investors - and speculate on what might happen next.


19FEB 2019

Market News

Whatever happens with Brexit, uncertainty will persist

A “no-deal” Brexit is likely to tip the UK into a recession, but even an agreed withdrawal will leave businesses unclear about the future



11DEC 2018

EU Referendum

How the Brexit delay has moved markets – and what it means for the economy

Theresa May’s deferral of the Parliamentary vote on Brexit has been greeted with widespread dismay

06DEC 2018

Market News

Outlook 2019: UK equities

Investors have shunned UK equities as a result of uncertainty related to Brexit. Against this backdrop, UK equities fund managers Sue Noffke and Andy Brough explain how they’re looking at the market heading into 2019.

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