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19SEP 2019

What next for interest rates and inflation?

The Fed has cut rates for the second time this year. While the US domestic economy remains resilient, the central bank is worried about slowing global growth and the trade dispute with China

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12SEP 2019



31JUL 2019

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Slowing eurozone needs fiscal boost

A sluggish outlook and low inflation suggest the European Central Bank is inching towards further stimulus, which we don’t think will be enough.

09JUL 2019

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What is left in the toolkit for central banks in developed markets?

Low interest rates will limit the ability of central banks to cut rates further if the economy turns pear-shaped. We examine the other options available in developed markets.



05DEC 2018

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Outlook 2019: Global equities

We are seeking out companies investing for change in 2019, while increasingly wary of those that have borrowed excessively.


21NOV 2018

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Has the 18-year relationship between bond yields and stocks turned sour?

As stock markets fell in October, bond yields rose – bucking a long term trend. This has significant implications for how investors look at diversification.


02AUG 2018

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Brexit risk fails to deter BoE from rate hike

We think the next increase is likely to be in 2019.


23MAR 2018

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Will the Bank of England increase the Bank rate in May?

The Federal Reserve (Fed) hiked interest rates in March and the Bank of England is likely to follow suit in May.


26JAN 2018

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Why three is the magic number for 2018

We discuss the three factors that will determine whether the reflationary environment continues.

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