11OCT 2018
3:00 pm


Time and Money

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Time and Money


Charities that rely on investments to support their long-term mission can take advantage of their ability to make and spend more money and encourage good corporate behaviour. However, short-term thinking can get in the way.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Factors such as climate change, demographic shifts and technological development are reshaping our economy and society, creating great unpredictability about our global future. For charities, having a long-term approach is an advantage when faced with this degree of complexity, because trustees can adapt as things evolve in order to maintain an unwavering focus on their charitable goals.

Companies that think in the long term, and that exhibit allied environmental, social and governance behaviours, are more likely to generate sustainable financial and social benefits over the long term. For charities that rely on investments, history shows that a long-term approach also helps them to ride volatile markets, survive shocks and maximise returns. So there are financial as well as social advantages to investing in the long term. Our research has shown, however, that operational and governance time frames can get in the way of trustees’ long-term goals.

The webinar, presented by the authors, Kate Rogers, Head of Policy and Richard Jenkins, Charity Consultant will share the findings from the report, with the opportunity to pose questions throughout.


Time and Money

Kate Rogers and Richard Jenkins



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