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08JUN 2016

15SEP 2016

Trustee Training

This event has ended

We aim to support trustees in their professional development, feeling that we have a responsibility to ensure they have a working knowledge of investment issues. We are therefore pleased to offer a calendar of training events supporting trustees, whatever their current level of understanding in London and Edinburgh.


The two-part* London course covers Charity Law, the role of a trustee and provides an introduction to all available asset classes and manager selection. Introductory is open to those with limited investment knowledge while Advanced is for trustees who have previously attended an introductory session or have past investment experience.

Sessions are open to all trustees and importantly, provide an opportunity to quiz presenters, cross-examine investment specialists and raise any concerns that they may have as a trustee in a supportive environment, while meeting with other trustees who may have similar investment experience.

*The Edinburgh session covers all topics in one half day session with a summarised section on investment asset classes.

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