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03DEC 2015
4:30 pm

Cazenove Capital Management
12 Moorgate LondonEC2R 6DA

Intentional Investing

Intentional Investing Workshop

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You can download the presentation slides or watch the presentation recording below


We have pleasure in inviting you to attend a workshop session to discuss the findings of our new report  'Intentional Investing'

Published by the Association of Charitable Foundations and sponsored by Cazenove Charities, the report looks at whether and how charity investors might reflect their organisation’s aims, values, or wider social goals into their investment practice.  It examines current responsible and ethical investment practice, drawing on the results of the biggest survey of its kind into the behaviours of UK charity investors.  

At each event the authors, Richard Jenkins and Kate Rogers, will discuss their main findings and identify the key questions that trustees might consider to find the right approach in their context.

Date and Venue

03DEC 2015

Cazenove Capital Management

12 Moorgate London , EC2R 6DA


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