Annual Investment Forum

02NOV 2020
12:00 pm - 5 days

One world: Charity investment forum

Monday 2 November


One world 
Andrew Neil, the renowned publisher and broadcaster looks at the global business and political challenges of our time.


A view from the pandemic front line
Scarlett Brannigan, a Médecins Sans Frontières medic, gives a first-hand account of life on the front line of a pandemic.


A perspective from the US 
Larry Kramer, President of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, shares their approach to managing their $10bn endowment.

Tuesday 3 November


A perspective from the UK
A panel of UK Foundations discuss best practice in charity investment.


A perspective from Europe 
Jan Vander Elst, Head of Investments of the King Baudouin Foundation, talks through their approach to managing their €1bn endowment.

Wednesday 4 November


A perspective from Asia 
Annie Chen, Founder and Chair of the RS Group, discusses their innovative total portfolio approach, balancing return and a desire to have a positive impact.


Global equities
Katherine Davidson, Schroders' Global Equity Manager, discusses the outlook for global equity markets, and the rise in stakeholder capitalism.


Global boiling points: climate change and social unrest
Andy Howard, Schroders' Global Head of Sustainable Investment considers the increasing investment risks from social and environmental change.

Thursday 5 November


Investing in global themes
We bring together a panel of specialist investors in Healthcare, Technology and the Energy Transition.


Stronger Foundations
Danielle Walker Palmour, Director of the Friends Provident Foundation, discusses the seven pillars of good Foundation investment practice, according to the Association of Charitable Foundation’s most recent report, and gives an insight into the ESG investing olympics.


Our Planet: Too Big To Fail
We will be screening this thought provoking film by WWF. The film highlights the importance of nature to our global economy and the risks to our financial systems if we choose to ignore it.

Friday 6 November


Intentional investing
Kate Rogers, Co-Head of Charities, shares our most recent research showing that more charities are aligning their investments with their mission.


A portfolio for the next decade 
Caspar Rock, Cazenove Capital's Chief Investment Officer, discusses market outlook and the characteristics of a charity investment portfolio for the next decade.


Charity Authorised Investment Fund events

02DEC 2020
12:00 pm - 60 minutes

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