By invitation only

03APR 2017
4:30 pm

Cazenove Capital
12 Moorgate, LondonEC2R 6DA

Livery Company Economic Update

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You can download the presentation slides or watch the presentation recording below


Richard Jeffrey, Chief Economist, Cazenove Capital Management will share his thoughts on the outlook for the economy and markets. This will be followed by the opportunity to meet with members of the Cazenove Charities team and representatives of other livery companies over drinks. The presentation and drinks will take place at Cazenove Capital Management, 12 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6DA.

In addition to you, please feel free to extend this invitation to your Master, Prime Warden or members of your Investment or F&GP Committees as appropriate.


Date and Venue

03APR 2017

Cazenove Capital

12 Moorgate, London , EC2R 6DA


Richard Jeffrey

Cazenove Capital
Chief Economist

Richard Jeffrey was Chief Economist at Cazenove Capital until he retired in January 2018. 


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