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Careers in sport: making your wealth go the distance

Long-term financial planning is especially important for individuals whose earnings may peak at a relatively young age.

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Sportspeople know that having the right team around them is key to their success. You will probably work with agents, coaches and other specialists on a regular basis, helping you plan and make the most of a hugely demanding professional career. This close-knit team may help with many practical aspects of life, leaving you more time to focus on training. However, one area where you may need to look further afield for advice is your finances. 

We work with professional athletes across many different sports and at different stages of their career. Besides their focus and determination, they share an understanding that professional sports come with a very different earnings trajectory compared to other career paths. Athletes often see their income peak in their 20s or 30s and making it last for the rest of their lives can be a real challenge. Our clients in sports know it doesn’t just happen without careful planning and preparation.

Case study: how we help a professional cyclist

Darren envisages retiring from professional cycling in his mid-30s, in just over ten years. He was introduced to Cazenove Capital by his agent.

The basis of our planning work has been our lifetime cash flow modelling. Using sophisticated software, we help Darren visualise what his future earnings and asset base might look like. As well as creating a financial plan for Darren, this work helps us select the right investment strategy for Darren and identify the most tax-efficient ways for him to hold assets. He is now investing some of his earnings with us every month, with a view to building an investment pot that will fund his lifestyle for many years.

We invest for Darren using our Global Multi Asset Direct Equity (“GMADE”) approach. This strategy invests directly in leading global companies around the world as well as carefully selected funds run by Schroders and third parties. As it happens, Darren has a keen interest in many of the companies that we invest in. 

Like many sportspeople, Darren spends significant amounts of time training abroad. For now, he remains UK resident and holds his assets in the UK. However, we have the flexibility to work with foreign residents and have discussed what moving abroad for a longer period might involve. We can hold assets in the Channel Islands and also offer specialist investments advice for US residents.  

Darren takes significant comfort from the fact that we are a safe pair of hands for his wealth and will be at his side for years to come. Life moves fast in professional cycling. Working with a firm that has been in the investment business for over 200 years and is part of Schroders, one of Europe’s largest asset managers, is hugely reassuring. 

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The value of your investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise. You may not get back the amount you invested.